For so long LaToya Jackson had lived in the shadows of her brother and sister Michael and Janet Jackson‘s fame. Over the years she developed a negative image that precedes her to this day. Despite what some people have to say about the fifth Jackson child, at the age of 57, she has left it all behind her. And, is documenting her new positive attitude for the masses on her reality show “Life With La Toya” that lives on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.

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I know what you’re thinking, a reality show starring one of the most controversial people in entertainment…But, La Toya is on a different path nowadays. After suffering in an abusive relationship and mourning the life of her iconic brother, “Life With La Toya” is more of a therapeutic gesture than foolery.

Ms. Jackson rang and we answered. We chatted about her meeting with Oprah and why every network wanted her show!

HelloBeautiful: Tell me about the show. I’m really interested to know what it was like when you were pitching it to Oprah and the OWN team.

La Toya Jackson: I had been asked to do shows for many, many years, and I never really wanted to. I guess the timing wasn’t really right for me. And basically what we did was we teamed up with World Of Wonder, Jay Tell did, and they actually pitched it to Oprah and a few other people, and everyone they took it to, wanted the show immediately. We had to go with the people we felt totally wanted it. And it was Oprah and someone else, all of the others were really great too. However, we decided to go with the one that would be best for us, and I felt that Oprah would be a great vehicle simply because she speaks truth, positivity, and things of that nature. I need to be surrounded in an environment such as that.

HB: How was it when you actually met Oprah and sat down and talked about it?

LJ: She was very happy to have me on board. What I love most about it is that Oprah gave us the freedom to do what we want, we’re executive producers of the show as well. She loves the show, and its wonderful to be with her to a part of this company. I’m just really excited about it because it was a great marriage and a great home and I like that.

HB: What is most therapeutic about being on a reality show?

LJ: Well, once you’re portraying yourself in your everyday life, it doesn’t seem like work at all because you’re doing what you normally do. However, the cameras are there, but the cameras have been with our family for most of our lives so we never even pay attention to them, we just do what we do. I think whats therapeutic about it is that, you say to yourself, “I walk like that, I talk like that.” It’s so funny because we don’t see ourselves the way others do. Cause I’ve always been one of those people who will look at myself and say, “No, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to see.” I am tweeting at the same time to follow the world, and you see yourself. It’s very interesting and it keeps you grounded. I just want to keep that positivity out there. I think its very important for anybody in the world to preach positiveness because we live in a world that is so negative today. So much is going on and I think it is important to spread positivity.

Catch “Life With La Toya” Saturdays at 9:30pm on OWN.

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