Lyfe Jennings has been through some things, seen some things and experienced some things. The singer-songwriter, who spent a decade in prison for arson, rose to fame after his incarceration with his 2005 hit “Must Be Nice,” a R&B ode to a loyal lover.

The father of four, who recently celebrated a birthday, had his share of hard times. Jennings (real name Chester Jermaine Jennings) finds joy in the simple things and tries to steer far from any unnecessary drama, which is why he turned down an offer from “Love & Hip Hop” creator Mona Scott-Young to appear on the wildly successful franchise. Jennings, dialed in to chat about his new album, “Boomerang,”  his upcoming reality television show, and the lessons his children have taught him.

HelloBeautiful: You call your music heirlooms because instead of just writing love songs, you write about situations. Touch on some of those situations you sing about on “Boomerang”

Lyfe Jennings: I call my music heirlooms because whatever you got going on in your life there’s a song for it and there’s also something you can pass onto your family members, your grand mamma, daughter, your daughter’s daughter that’s why I call them heirlooms. Some of the subjects I talk about are you might meet someone who’s off limits, a friend’s girl or a friend’s guy or whatever, female or a man and you can’t really approach that situation like you want to, that’s one situation. Then I have a song called “17 to a Million” some women start to worry when they get a little bit of age on them that things may not be as perfect as they thought they should be, be as long as your mind is as perfect, that’s what I’m love with it.

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