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You may recall the story of Oscar Grant, the 22-year-old man who was shot and killed by a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) police officer on New Years’ Eve in 2009. Despite committing no crime nor carry a weapon, the Oakland native was shot repeatedly in the back while he waited at the subway platform this friends.

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Now, four years later, filmmaker Ryan Coogler is gearing up for the release of his first feature film, Fruitvale Station — named after the metro station where Grant died.

The independent drama, which will be released in theaters July 26, follows the last day of Grant’s life. Michael B. Jordan stars as Grant, Octavia Spencer as his mother Wanda Johnson and Forest Whitaker as the film’s producer.

Check out the movie trailer below, then click through the slides to find out five things you may not have known about Oscar Grant and his infamous murder case.

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