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The beginning of a relationship is always fun, you have so much in common, life is great and then he does something that raises a red flag or two. He’s possessive, angry and is bringing way too much drama to the relationship.

While people engage in relationships with these dynamics all the time, life will be a lot easier and happier for you if you avoid them from the start.

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Don’t Date This! Find out the TOP 10 fatal attraction personalities to avoid now:

The Angry One

Everyone gets angry but if your mate exhibits inappropriate intense anger over the slightest thing, get a clue and get out!


Feeling or showing anger; incensed or enraged Indicative of or resulting from anger: an angry silence. Having a menacing aspect; threatening.

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The Liar

If you are constantly giving your mate the SIDE EYE because you don’t know whether or not the things that they say are true, you are probably with a LIAR. The liar cannot be trusted. Ask yourself for real how do you build a future if there is no trust?


One that tells lies.


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