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The Dream has had his share of high-profile relationships and now the singer-songwriter wants to share some questionable love advice with the world.

During a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister, the two-time divorcé said he’s planning to write a book to show men how to “get the milk without the cow” from their significant others.

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When asked if he would ever get married again, the 36-year-old said he likes the  “idea of it.”

“I have this book I’m writing about how, as blessed as I am, how I could have a girlfriend; I could have kids with her, chill out and that’s my girl. We woo-woo-woo, whatever it is, and get all of the same things that you get when you’re married to someone,” he said. “It probably didn’t work years go, but why get married? What do they say? ‘Get the milk without the cow.’”

Dream, who once lived in holy matrimony with singer Nivea, then actress Chrsitina Milian, said relationships change after taking a walk down the aisle.

“That word ‘marriage’ changes who you are,” he explained. “Immediately you’re not that forgiving and it’s just like, ‘We fought all the time when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and we never broke up.’ You have a good fight when you’re married and it’s like, ‘I’m out of here. Peace!’ It’s like it gets more fragile when it’s supposed to be stronger.”

Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts on his upcoming relationship book below.


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