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The idea of lube scares me. You mean there’s something out there that will do what a woman is supposed to do naturally? And with times the way they are and every chick bragging about men “drowning” in their wells, does using lube mean you’re broken? No. If you’re like me, you just like trying new things with your partner. And if your partner is like mine, he or she likes it too.

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Trojan sent over their Tingly Warmth lubricant and I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. Pay attention to the box of the Trojan personal aid, it is an indicator of what you are about to experience. The red, yellowish and gold hues insinuate fire and trust me, this stuff gets hot! If nothing else, it lives up to it’s warmth title!

The shape of the 3.0 FL OZ bottle ($19.999) is friendly and fits in your hand comfortable. It’s so cute, you just want to use it. But this cute little silky liquid packs punch! I love the consistency of the liquid. It has no scent and is very light, unlike other lubes I’ve encountered.

A good squeeze and it was on. Moments later, I was sweating. Literally beads forming around my hairline. And I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to sweat, you’re having intercourse, duh! But, when I said “moments later,” I mean a few strokes in and my lady parts felt like the devil had pitched a little camp fire down there to melt s’mores. My partner felt it too and he didn’t enjoy having his berries slow roasted.

The “warmth” part of it all made the sex very uncomfortable. It didn’t “tingle,” not in a good way at least. It just wasn’t for me, but I’m not opposed to trying another lubricant. Maybe something with a cooling sensation. Lol.

I think Trojan’s “Tingly Warmth” lubricant paired with ice could result in a steamy night! But, if hot crotch isn’t your thing, I don’t recommend using it.


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