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For a long time, my bath accoutrements consisted only of a bar of soap and a bath lily to get my suds on. But thank goodness for evolution because I’ve since grown up and expanded into shower gels, body smoothing scrubs and another, more interesting, shower buddy –  LUSH Cosmetics Whoosh Shower Jelly ($6.95-$11.95, – a product given to me during a recent store visit.

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LUSH is a worldwide company that makes fresh, natural bath and body products by hand. It’s also the store you can’t help but step into because its intoxicating contents can be smelled from the curb as you walk by. From the Brightside Bubble Bar to the Immaculate Eggception Pink Bath Bomb, you’ll love LUSH’s colorful concoctions because they not only make you crack a smile, they work incredibly well.

As the manager explained what ‘Whoosh’ is to me, I couldn’t help but think it was nothing more than a novelty product that wouldn’t do much to clean my sensitive body parts–how wrong I was. It did a great job of removing the days’ environmental gunk from my skin. I rubbed about a quarter-size of product into my hands as the water ran and suds began to form as the fragrant citrus smell started to take over the entire bathroom. I also discovered another product use. I use it as a room freshener for one of my closets so each time I open the door and I’m met with an aromatic delight for the senses.

What does ’Whoosh’ feel like?

It feels like Jello gelatin and when you dig into the jar it’s super squishy. But if the consistency is a little weird for you, maybe its wake-me-up fruity citrusy scent will help you get past it like it did for me.

What most annoyed me about this product?

It breaks apart under water, however, I think the good far outweighs the bad so I’d spend my own money next time to buy this cool product.

THE VERDICT: We love it!


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