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Regardless of how may controversial things Brandy’s little brother does, when he sits down for an interview people listen.

Ray J stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” this week to promote his new Oxygen series “Bad Girl’s Club All Star Battle,” but of course the whole interview was centered around his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. During the 10-minute chit chat he finally admitted that his diss track “I Hit It First” was indeed about the Armenian beauty.

When Wendy asked if the cover art for the single was a photo of Kim, Ray responded with: “I never denied it.”

“I just felt like in the promotional campaign, to go so hard after you already know what the song is about, that was too much,” he said. “I let the song speak for itself.”

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Ray said that he’s currently not in love but he’s happy for Kim and her new family with rapper Kanye West. “Congrats to them both. Even through this song, it’s entertainment, it reflects my life. I’ve been in other relationships that aren’t as popular as others that are relating to this song as well,” he said. “I’m working. Love is a difficult thing. Everyday you just try to figure it out more.”

He went on to say that he no longer has a copy of their infamous sex tape and, regardless of what people may think, he’s moved on with his life. “I’ve let it go,” he said. “In this new music that I’m doing, I’m starting with the past and going into the present. This is the beginning of the story. Even through all of the criticism, I understand and I take it in a positive way. There’s more to the story, there’s more to the music.”

In conclusion, the R&B crooner said he’s learned to “always be honest” with the ladies and “he’s done with celebrity chicks.”

“When it’s ready to lock in and it’s one on one, then let’s make it that. But right now we know what it is,” he explained. “It’s better to be honest because if you keep it real from the jump, then it won’t be no crazy surprises in the long run.”

Check out the full interview here and tell us what you think of Ray-J’s point of view.


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