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It’s 2013. Technology has enhanced all of our lives—why should it stop at the bedroom door?

Close your eyes. Now imagine what a sex toy looks like. Is it a neon-colored phallic object that needs batteries? Does it feel rubbery? Does it smell like plastic? Turned on yet? Probably not.

Recently, a new breed of sex toys has started to emerge. Manufacturers have started to realize that people prefer quality products. Therefore, they are re-thinking the traditional sex toy. Technology, innovation, and design have improved every aspect of our lives, and it’s time that sex toys benefit from progress. These amazing new pleasure objects are commonly referred to as “Luxury Sex Toys.”

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What is a Luxury Sex Toy? Some examples include: a gold-plated vibrator; a handmade glass dildo; and a rechargeable and/or remote controlled vibrator. Luxury sex toys are distinct because of their design, materials, performance, and innovation.

The specific differences between luxury sex toys and common sex toys are:

1. Luxury sex toys perform better

With better engineered, more powerful and quieter motors, you get longer lasting motors, multiple speeds and settings, better stimulation and better orgasms. This also means more variety and no one will hear you next door!

2. Luxury sex toys are more discreet

Life-like dildos work for some people. However, other people need a more discreet sex toy that are less intimidating and can be left on their nightstand. With innovation and design comes a more discreet toy that looks more like art or an iPhone accessory.

3. Luxury sex toys are rechargeable and/or remote controlled

Your partner can operate your sex toy and entice you from across the room…or across the world. For those who find that they can’t put their luxury sex toy down, they don’t need to worry about going through hundreds of batteries. The best vibrators are usually rechargeable or have a strong battery life.

4. Luxury sex toys are waterproof

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your vibrator into the bath or shower? Now you can! The latest luxury sex toys are 100% waterproof. Water is no longer the enemy!

5. Luxury sex toys are made with quality materials

Unlike regular sex toys, which can be toxic, all luxury sex toys are safe and are made from the finest materials available. One choice is 100% silicone, which does not break down over time and makes the toys velvety soft and not rubbery. These silicone sex toys are phthalate free, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals in or near your delicate parts.

High-end sex toys can also be made with eco-friendly materials. Green materials include: 24K gold, stainless steel, aluminum, stone, wood and glass.

After using a luxury sex toy, you will never go back to buying a regular sex toy again. Luxury sex toys are a bit harder to find and are also a little more expensive then regular sex toys, but isn’t quality worth it?

Simply put: you get what you pay for. Your orgasm will thank you!

Words by: Stacy Rybchin

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