The "LHHATL" star will sell casts of her buttocks and genitalia retailing at $70 each.


This puts the cucumber challenge to shame!

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“It all started easy. I took a trip to an adult novelty store and after deliberation, I bought my first vibrator. I bought my rabbit with the intention of taking the edge off on those long and lonely nights, but playing with Roger soon became my favorite pastime. Before I knew it, I was addicted!  I would even blow off my friends […]

Scottish doctors made a surprising discovery when they found a sex toy that had been inside one of their patients for 10 years. An unidentified 38-year-old woman went to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary complaining of severe health problems including extreme weight loss. STV News reports that she sought out medical help after contracting sepsis and experiencing […]

Sex & Relationships

After a long day at the office and even longer commute home, the last thing on my mind was sex, though I knew my man was expecting it. Since we flirted all day through sext messages with emojis, I couldn’t disappoint him with my “career woman” woes that have become more frequent with my salary […]

It’s 2013. Technology has enhanced all of our lives—why should it stop at the bedroom door? Close your eyes. Now imagine what a sex toy looks like. Is it a neon-colored phallic object that needs batteries? Does it feel rubbery? Does it smell like plastic? Turned on yet? Probably not. Recently, a new breed of […]