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16-year-old Florida student, Kiera Wilmot was recently arrested and expelled from school for experimenting with a water bottle and several household chemicals while at school. The experiment she conducted caused a small explosion, which is the reason Kiera was disciplined in such a harsh manor. It is now being reported that those ridiculous charges against Kiera were dropped!

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Wilmot’s arrest has become a big story, outraging many parents and educators alike. Had Kiera been charged, she would have faced possible charges for “possessing or discharging weapons or firearms at a school sponsored event or on school property.” Her conviction would have given her up to five years in prison! It was the actions of people with compassion who signed Kiera’s Change.Org petition that helped her fight against this gross over-reaction to her irresponsible actions.

According to NBC News, a crowd-funded legal defense fund netted over $8,000 to cover Wilmot’s potential legal fees. It’s amazing what happens when people come together! We’re so happy Kiera gets to continue her education and earn her degree as she should.

However, the topic of students doing potentially dangerous things on campus without consent or supervision needs to be a conversation that educators have with parents and students.

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