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Breaking News: I don’t know how to date! No seriously. It’s an issue that’s always been happening, but I wasn’t aware until I looked up from a long list of unsuccessful relationships, flings or whatever you want to call them.

As an almost 28-year-old woman, I have somehow figured out how to correctly apply my makeup, graduate from college and inherently know the exact moment when to flip the pancake over in the pan to garner a golden brown hue. But when it comes to dating guys, your girl is lost.

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Part of the reason is because I’m a relationship gal. I’ve had three major relationships. The first was in college with a light-skin cutie from New Jersey. I was a sophomore and he was a senior. He drove a Mustang and had hazel eyes. Ugh, he was so dreamy, and all the girls wanted him. But that fairy tale soon came to an end when he got accepted to graduate school in Cali and I took my first reporting job in Chicago. We decided to part ways on a good note and not let the relationship fizzle because of distance. 

The next guy I was with wasn’t the absolute worst, but let’s just say he was the absolute worst. He brought selfishness to a new level. After I successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party and bought him some Jordans, when June 17th came around (my b-day) I think I got a partially melted cake. That’s how he showed his love.

My last relationship was three years ago when I lived in Chicago. He was a charming brown-skin dude from the South Side and a fellow writer. We were together for two years. The first year was filled with nothing but laughs and reckless love. The second year, when we decided to move in with each other and combine finances was the death of us. The stress of not knowing how to run a household, coupled with not having enough money to pay our individual bills, combined with rent was a sure-fire way to bring our young love to a close.

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