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The Dream Ft. Beyonce & 2 Chainz- “Turnt”

It’s certainly going to be a sexy summer and we can give some of our thanks to The Dream, who has personally set out to ensure that your next steamy love sessions be fueled by his music. Living up to its name, “IV Play”–The Dream’s forthcoming June release, is exactly what R&B is lacking right about now. Raw, creative and daring R&B music. Beyonce and 2 Chainz add seasoning to the latest release “Turnt.”

“Talking ’bout you’re gon’ kill it/beat it up till I black out,” sings King Bey over the snippet. The “IV Play” tracklist was also released today.

“IV Play” Tracklist

1. “High Art” feat. Jay-Z

2. “IV Play”

3. “Equestrian”

4. “P*ssy” (feat. Big Sean & Pusha T)

5. “Turnt” (feat. Beyoncé & 2 Chainz)

6. “Where Have You Been” (feat. Kelly Rowland)

7. “Too Early” (feat. Gary Clark Jr.)

8. “Michael”

9. “Loving You / Crazy”

10. “New Orleans”

11. “Self-Conscious”

12. “Holy Love”

13. “Outro”

14. “Slow It Down” (feat. Fabolous)

Deluxe Edition

15. “Divine”

16. “Y’All”

17. “Tron”

18. “Psycho”

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