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Nowadays, when two people break up, it is evident by their Facebook statuses, Instagram photos and Twitter feed. Lil Wayne lyrics like “I’m single. N***a had to cancel that b***h like Nino,” maneuver their way into captions of seemingly fun photos with the boys. Your girls help you boy bash and binge on liquor because suddenly, you are drinking more and eating less. All the attention hungry, but normal, antics we do on a daily basis are no different than the behaviors from celebrities like Chris Brown and Rihanna. We understand their plight because we’ve all done it. You know, subliminally tweet our ex hoping they toss us a bone and subliminally tweet you back!

Chris Brown officially announced he and Rihanna’s breakup, last week to an eager audience who ate it up like Mother’s Day leftovers. RiRi, through her public Instagram account, made it abundantly clear that she no longer messes with Breezy. The couple are acting out towards each other and “the tweets are watching.”

Chris Brown boldly stated on Twitter (before deleting it) “She’s not mine if she’s everybody else’s,” which could be related to the fact that Rihanna often takes photos with other men and has a history of rumored romances. Following ex, Drake on Instagram could certainly be a factor as well.

Their breakup is well documented and in case you are guilty of being nosey (such is life) take a look at the timeline of their feud…

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