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Lovers of Funk, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and all things to the left packed into the Brooklyn Museum to listen to their leader, Low Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu break it all the way down and drop the jewels that only she can.

“Sisters how ya’ll feel?…Brothas, ya’ll alright?” she asked the audience when she walked on stage.

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The Red Bull Academy hosted an intimate sit-down event with Erykah where the “Window Seat” singer answered questions about her career, mistakes she’s made and her insecurities. For fans, it was an eye-opening moment–they learned that aside from all the head wraps, ankhs, and baby daddies, the sonically adventurous and lyrically brave chanteuse is just like us…human!

Check out the most interesting things we learned about Erykah from the talk:

1. She Opened Up A Show For Biggie 

Before Fat Belly Bella began packing stadiums with her own music, she was an emcee and scored the opportunity of a lifetime when she opened for Biggie during a Dallas show in 1994. It wasn’t until 1997, shortly after the release of her single “On & On”  on her debut album “Baduizim” that Badu and Big formally met during a studio session.

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