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Italy has its first Black minister and she’s a woman! Black and Italo-Congolese minister, Cécile Kyenge was appointed by Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta to be the Minister of Integration. Before Kyenge could even celebrate the victory on April 27th, she was met with opposition from the Northern League in Italy.

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The League is said to be comparable to The Tea Party–a group in the U.S. that challenges issues with security, sovereignty and domestic tranquility. The secretary of the Northern League has been quoted saying that Kyenge is the “symbol of hypocritical, do-gooding left that would like to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and only thinks about immigrants’ rights and not their duties.”

Wow, seriously? Kyenge has always fought for the rights of immigrants in Italy as one of the officials of the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum. She’s been immediately seeking she’ll seek to focus Parliament’s attention on the values they have been sharing at the Democratic Party’s Immigration Forum.

She believes that Italy needs to guarantee fundamental rights to all, including immigrants. According to Africa News, “there are almost a million minor children of immigrants who represent the future of the country. Out of these, more than 570,000 were born in Italy and more than 600,000 go to Italian schools.”

Kyenge’s fight for immigrants rights will prepare her for this position and we hope that she proves to her haters that she’s got what it takes!

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