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Kim Kardashian is fat. Kim Kardashian is a whore. Kim Kardashian has no morals. Seriously. Can Kim Kardashian live? It seems like everyday, Kim Kardashian is the subject of countless conversations questioning her every existence. Don’t get me wrong, I am very far from being the president of the Kim Kardashian fan club and have occasionally made a few jokes on her behalf, but the world’s relentless abuse of the reality star has reached unbearable levels.

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Former flame–Ray J released the visuals to accompany his Kim K diss record “I Hit It First.” This is precisely the behavior to which I am referring. Ray J, who takes responsibility for making Kimmy cakes famous, sought opportunity in her current fame to boost his own lackluster career. Ray “formally” introduced Kim to the world in a way no woman would prefer to enter stardom. Their sextape made her an overnight celebrity. But, with the perks of the Hollywood life, came the negative scrutiny and weight of being labeled everything but a woman of God. As if having sex with your boyfriend, at the time, is so shameful. Perhaps it was her turning her misfortune into fame, but isn’t that the American way of life? Should we really be so judgmental when we aren’t perfect?

Moving on.

Ray J’s desperation for relevancy manifests in “I Hit It First.” The 6 indoor/outdoor pools he often brags about, must not be keeping him entertained because, like the rest of the media, he took the opportunity to kick Kim at her most vulnerable state–when she is pregnant! Not to mention that Kim is happily involved! Instead of looking cool, Ray just looks desperate. Though he insists the song isn’t about Kim, the hologram Kim K look-a-like tells a different story!

“She may move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I Hit It First,” sings Ray-J. Actually Ray, you didn’t hit it first and you probably won’t ever hit it again! Therefore, we’re going to need you to have several recliner seats!

And for all those, who can’t seem to leave Kim K alone, understand that she/her life has nothing to do with you! Let it go.

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