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There’s currently a lot of buzz surrounding Ray J and his Billboard Top 10 single “I Hit It First,” which is widely presumed to be about his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

CocoaFab recently caught up with the R&b singer and no topic was off limits. He dished about the motivation behind the track and the backlash he’s received for its risqué subject matter.

“Numbers don’t lie,” he said of the record’s success. “The song has been topping the charts all week and independently it’s been breaking records. People should see it for that and it’s successful. We’ve been really positive and we’ve been focusing on the concept as opposed to the controversy. I think it will continue to do well.”

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Ray admitted that critics haven’t been the only people to voice their say about the record; a few of his close contacts have reached out to him as well.

“I haven’t been focusing on the texts in my phone because I’m getting so many right now,” he revealed.. “I just want to stay focused on a positive path and sometimes when you pay attention to that, then it throws you left.”

The 32-year-old went on to say that Kim K has not reached out to him since the release of the song. And, despite public opinion, he has “nothing but the utmost respect” and “all love” for her.

Well, we’re not sure if a song titled “I Hit It First” is an example of “the utmost respect” but the R&B singer insisted that “the focus of the song is the concept, the vibe, the beat, and the hook,” not anything negative.

He also set the record straight about the timing of the record’s release. “We did the song 8 months ago so we just had to make sure we put together the right deal and the right promotional plan so that the song could reach as high as it could go,” he said, denouncing rumors that he released the song to stir up controversy in Kim’s life during her pregnancy and new relationship with rapper Kanye West. “It was literally on the schedule and we had always had the song planned to come out around this time and we didn’t base it on anything else that was going on outside of our world.”

Ray J is currently gearing up for the premiere of his new Oxygen show “Bad Girls All-Star Battle” in May. But until then, he said fans can look forward to a “spoof-ish” music video with “very familiar faces.”


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