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Remember that old cliche your mom used to tell you? The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, that old adage may have caused many women more anxiety in the kitchen than in the bedroom! According to a recent study, women have more anxiety in the kitchen than in the bedroom. Women ages 18 – 65, 19% had anxiety in the kitchen compared to 8% who experience anxiety in the bedroom. That’s double anxiety for when you’re slaving over the stove above when you’re slobbing all over the knob!

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One of the latest cooking apps, Cooking Planit is determined to rid women of this anxiety. It’s affectionately called the “GPS For Cooking” and it offers 500 recipes conceptualized and tested by Executive Culinary Director, Emily Wilson for the perfectly timed meal from thought to table. I’m already feeling less anxiety about trying to provide a hot meal for my hot date.

Cooking Planit guides users through each step, prompting, for example, when to prep the salad and start the green beans, in context to when the chicken will be ready (in between, you can slip into something a little less comfortable). Beyond the actual cooking, Cooking Planit also:

· Automatically builds grocery lists, including ingredient totals, and synchs them across user device.

· Enables easy meal planning according to ingredient preference and dietary needs.

· Offers an extensive selection of pre-built complete meals from which to choose, while also empowering users to select the dishes and courses they wish to prepare.

Now that you know you have more anxiety in the kitchen than you do in the bedroom, will you be getting this app to relieve the stress?

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