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Change.org is one of the biggest petition platforms on the internet. It allows people around the world to voice their opinions, all the while encouraging like-minded individuals to join in on their fight. Change.org wants people to change their communities, no matter how big or small the issue is.

In the site’s own words:

Whether it’s a mother fighting bullying in her daughter’s school, customers pressing banks to drop unfair fees, or citizens holding corrupt officials to account, thousands of campaigns started by people like you have won on Change.org – and more are winning every week.

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So obviously this opens up the site to receiving ridiculous petitions that get the same amount of exposure as the petitions to stop gun violence or to shut down Shawty Lo and all his baby’s mommas. We’ve cruised Change.org and found some of the most ridiculous petitions they have to offer. Check them out here:

ABC Entertainment: Stop Putting Scandal On Hiatus – Pick Up More Episodes

I get it. The obsession with Shonda Rhimes’ “Scandal” has created a cult following and their constant breaks in programming has sparked several complaints from the show’s following. This petition says enough is enough!

“Gladiators/Scandalistas/Scandalists everywhere have not gotten over our initial shock that there will be no Scandal AGAIN for 3 more weeks. Instead of whining and complaining, we are doing something about it! Shonda Rhimes is NOT the reason there’s another hiatus.”

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