Shady Phae Phae

As much as I love Phaedra, a lot of red flags popped up in my mind after hearing the majority of her cast members refer to her as “shady.” During the reunion, Nene brought up the fact that Phaedra wanted Marlo (speaking of Marlo, where was she this whole season?) to come on the show so they could fight over their ex, Charles.  Phaedra denied that it was true and claimed that she didn’t know about Charles until after Marlo was casted. It definitely didn’t end there. Phaedra was then questioned about her motives for befriending Porsha, her million different career paths and the divorce rumors. Nene called Phaedra out again for being shady after hearing that her, Sheree and Kim filmed with her half sisters to dig up dirt on her! Phaedra continued to deny that she would ever intentionally hurt Nene, but it does make you wonder if Phaedra really is that shady or if it’s just an act she put on in front of the camera. At least now we have clarity on Phaedra and Nene’s “fake friendship.”

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