Mona Scott-Young is known as the Queen of Realty TV and her shows have created a platform for many reality stars to explore entrepreneurship and eventually become household names.

In a recent interview to promote her latest show “The Gossip Game,” the former record executive said she doesnt just approach her job as a producer; she also gives business and career advice to her talent.

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“If they have ideas that they want to develop and move into other areas I am there to help them do that as well,” she said. “For a lot of them, they don’t even know how to handle what comes with it, the exposure, the success and the level of attention that they get being on the show. So there’s a lot of that kind of dialogue that comes along. It’s about helping them manage the fame, the success and the notoriety that comes along with it.”

Here’s the advice Mona says she give each of her cast members:

There’s a mentality that comes with doing this. You have to understand that first and foremost — and it’s my little 113 scenes to wherever-you-are-trying-to-get-to speech that I give them — and some people get it more than others. Some people are more clearer about what they want out of this and that’s what I always say. Be clear about what you want because you have to give a lot and there’s a lot of crap that comes along with putting yourself out there, people being judgmental and people coming for you. So you have to be clear like any business endeavor. You don’t go into it willy-nilly like “I don’t know what I want to get out of this.” That’s just stupid as a business move. Be clear about what you are trying to accomplish, tier up those dominoes because I always tell them when that shows starts to air that’s the first domino being tipped. Make sure you have it all lined up. What do you want out of this? Whether it’s a steady check, fame, fortune, jumped start a business, leverage your celebrity into other arenas. Have a plan.

Now, Mona said there are some people who do nothing with their platforms, but there’s also another group who successfully turn their 15 minutes of fame into million dollar fortunes.

Let’s take a look at 10 celebs who “got it” and used their platforms to launch non-reality entertainment careers.

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