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When I sat down with rapper Fabolous, a few weeks ago, during his promo trail for forthcoming album “Loso’s Way 2,” we talked about an array of things ranging from where he’d be if he wasn’t the rapper we know him as today, to the day, so many years ago, when he purchased his first car. We laughed as we made our way through the dialogue, eventually landing onto the topic of collaborations. After praising Chris Brown for adding his flair to sexy single “Ready,” I asked if he would ever consider working with Joseline Hernandez. Random. I know. But, Fab reps his Hispanic heritage like he changes his underwear, so I though–why not? Latina Joseline joined “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” with her MANager Stevie J. in hopes of finding musical stardom.

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His answer didn’t surprise me. I wouldn’t expect someone who is so lyrically inclined and passionate about creating music to jump on a track with just anyone. And, that’s exactly how he felt!

“Um.. I don’t know. I don’t think so. I’m so passionate–not to discredit what she does–but, I’m just so passionate about what I do that it’s not a thing for me to just do [music] with the latest person. There are people’s records I love, who I don’t see where we would cross the line. There are people’s records in the club that I lose my mind to, that I drink champagne to. You know? ‘Pop a molly, I’m sweating,’ he revealed, flashing his chipped tooth while laughing.

“It may not be my lane and I’m content with that. I don’t know Joseline…Now, a lot of days, everybody’s making music for a lot of different reasons. Some people–it’s a hustle for them, some people it’s about let me just–I’ll take a couple of dollars just to do whatever I need to do. Some people want the fame of it. When I came in rapping,  it wasn’t about money. It was about my hobby. It was what I like to. It was something I grew a passion for. One of the biggest blessings in my life is that I was able to make a profession out of something that I truly like to do. When you are blessed to do that, that’s a great thing. I hold it a little higher than the average person who just wakes up one morning and says I want to rap.”

Well said, Fab!

Watch the rest of our interview, here.

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