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I’ve always been obsessed with the story of Rapunzel. I coveted her long, illustrious locks that made her prince slay a giant in order to climb that beautiful hair of hers to live their happily ever after. That was one fairy tale princess who’s hair was her crowning glory. But what would happen if that same fairy princess was Black with a natural ‘fro?

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Peter Thomas’ (RHOA) daughter, Porsche Thomas teamed up with comedian and actor Lamorne Morris and Dominic Blackwell Cooper to tell the story of Rapunzel with a Black and modern twist. The result is a hilarious and all-too-real assessment of natural hair and the lengths (pun intended) we go through to fit a standard that left us out in the first place.

At the top of the “tower,” Rapunzel looks down on her handsome prince and shakes her natural tresses, which results in, well…nothing. The prince becomes irritated and asks, “B*tch, why your hair like that? That’s why they don’t put Black chicks in fairy tales…the problem is, you’ve got an afro!”

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