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Let me start by saying, I am a hater. I’m a hater of being pissed on and then having someone tell me it’s rain. I’m a hater of reality shows using an untrue moniker to define what they are. If it’s scripted, it’s not reality. Who even made up the oxymoronic term, “scripted reality” anyway?

“The Gossip Game” has nothing to do with reality. I’m a consumer of reality tv. I’ve always watched” “Real World,” “Road Rules,”Big Brother” and even all the off-the-wall dating shows, which were spawns of the Great Godfather of Ratchet Reality, Flava Flav’s “Strange Love” with Danish actress, Brigitte Nielsen.

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Once “The Real World” started casting based on sex appeal and attraction, I felt all the soul of what’s real disappear into the cha-ching of ratings. Sex sells, so it’s easy to strip girls down to their unmentionables, place a man with more abs than Tyson Beckford right in front of her and have us all watch the inevitable–hookups, fights and absolutely no speck of positivity.

After Vh1 exhausted every form of love and/or dating show they could, they opened up the world of scripted reality. These shows are often very specific in their theme, i.e., “Love & Hip Hop,” “Basketball Wives” and “Real Housewives Of ____,” and share one common ground–highly orchestrated drama. The latest show to join the ranks is Mona Scott Young’s “The Gossip Game.” I respect Mona’s hustle and even appreciate her desire to give a candid look into the world of Hip-Hop via reality shows, but I don’t appreciate her trying to push them as real.

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