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Esquire Magazine’s Editor, Alex Bilmes took an honest jab at the magazine’s beauty aesthetic. “I could lie to you and say we’re only interested in their brains, but on the whole, we’re not. They’re there to be beautiful objects. They’re objectified,” Bilmes claims while at a panel during Advertising Week in Europe.

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Esquire Magazine is a men’s magazine with a “male gaze,” Bilmes says. He features women because they are ornamental. “I think we’re less rigid in our idea of what a woman is supposed to look like,” Blimes continues with a grin.

Check out the video below:

The discussion brought up some really interesting points about ageism, sexism and perception of beauty in the entertainment industry. Here’s the thing about honesty–it stings. Beyond the emotional gut reaction to scream feminist mantras into the ether, you’ve got to admit, Bilmes’ truth is so real and even refreshing. So many magazines like to deny the obvious–that they have to feature society’s idea of beauty because it’s what we expect.

The industry has conditioned us to love and uplift the young and beautiful. Our eyes appreciate seeing Rihanna, Beyonce, J.Lo and the like grace countless covers rather than women like Gabourey Sidibe, Whoopi Goldberg and Lena Dunham. So it’s not like what Bilmes is saying is untrue. However, his honesty is being combated by many media outlets and surprisingly supported by others (myself included).

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