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The tech world is a man’s world and no one showed that to be true more than the folks over at Samsung during the launch of the Galaxy S IV phone. During a presentation, showing off the new phone’s bells and whistles, a group of women hit the stage and acted in various scenes catering to women’s needs. You know, the things we love most like shopping, weddings, cooking and weightloss.

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According to the Atlantic Wire, this kind of stereotyping against women happens all the time at tech events, which makes it obvious that the tech world is a boy’s club and women should take their devices with them in the kitchen while they whip up dinner before 6pm.

Reports say:

“Samsung used the gaggle in heels to introduce S Health, which, as the name suggests, uses sensors to monitor your health. As one of the women sipping wine on stage squealed, women would like this because… ‘weight!’ And that was just the end of it. At one point, a burly man distracted a woman who used one of the photo features to take a pic of him. Then, he took off his shirt. In another demo, the women talked about how the air gesture controls would come in handy while cooking because of… ‘sticky fingers.’ (Possible double entendre sex pun there?) At one point the phrase ‘while the women are cooling off’ got thrown in there. Sigh.”

Skits are fun, except for when you’re at a launch event that thinks back-to-back skits stereotyping women is hilarious. Samsung must have forgotten that women were going to show up at their launch. Check out what tech editor, Molly Wood had to say:

“But you know what’s even better than better acting, better production, and better script-writing? Dumping the crappy female stereotypes in the first place. In fact, I would have settled for the “slightly better” scenario of including only 1 or 2 crappy female stereotypes. Once you get hit with 5, 6, 8, or 10 in a row, it really starts to feel a lot less hilarious.”

Some of the people in attendance tweeted their disdain with Samsung:

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