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This week on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the girls were continuing their “girls vacation.” After spending time in Hollywood with Nene, they were ready to head off to Las Vegas to let loose!

Check out the recap below.

Viva Las Vegas!

After fun and drama in Hollywood, it was time to continue their girls vacation with a trip to Vegas. Nene arranged for the girls to travel to Vegas in a party bus while Nene booked herself a first class flight. The party bus sounded like a good idea, initially, but when the girls were stuck in traffic for EIGHT HOURS, they wished they would have traveled like Nene. After a long day without killing each other, the girls finally arrived in Vegas and were ready to hit the streets. They decided that they would check out a strip club called “The Crazy Horse” which didn’t sit well with Porsha. She knew that her husband Kordell wouldn’t approve of her attending, so she chose to go back to the hotel room instead of hanging out. At first, the girls were upset with Porsha for leaving, but once they got a few drinks in their system and started throwing a few dollar bills, they forgot all about her and started having a blast! Nene shared some of her stripping stories with the girls and revealed how she initially told Gregg that she worked in the strip club. She also told the girls that she wasn’t going to leave the club for Gregg unless he put a ring on her finger, which he eventually did. Nene made it clear that she’s not “Porsha” and wouldn’t be controlled by a man because if she wanted to “jump over the moon,” she would and Gregg would just have to sit there and watch her do it!

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