Michelle Obama has chosen to respond to the critics who thought her appearance and presentation of Best Picture winner was uncalled for. Even though former first lady, Laura Bush appeared on the show via video in 2002 the same was Michelle did. It’s been reported that the FLOTUS’ appearance was “obscene” and she made it about her.

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I love the fact that the FLOTUS saw this coming and said the criticism was “absolutely not surprising.” This is what Michelle Obama had this to say:

“Shoot, my bangs set off a national conversation. My shoes can set off a national conversation. That’s just sort of where we are. We’ve got a lot of talking going on. It’s like everybody’s kitchen-table conversation is now accessible to everybody else so there’s a national conversation about anything.”

Yes ma’am Mobama! Tell the people like it IS! It’s true–her every action is scrutinized and criticized as if she’s performing some big offense to the people of America. From her bare arms to her bangs, Michelle Obama can do nothing without it becoming a major news headline. What a life!

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