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Our Entertainment Editor, Shamika Sanders wrote an article reviewing the “Law & Order: SVU” Chris Brown and Rihanna-inspired episode. In Shamika’s opinion, “I was absolutely perplexed by the story line that turned ‘Chris’ into a serial killer, ‘Rihanna’ into a brainwashed, insensitive and unstable battered woman. Poorly written, cheesy, cliche and over the top, ‘Law & Order’ may have lost more followers than it gained.”

Not everyone agreed with Shamika, including one of our readers, “Liberian Girl.” She thought the line Shamika claimed “Law & Order: SVU” crossed didn’t even exist. Liberian Girl even brought up a new topic of discussion–the voyeurism of Rihanna’s life and her contradictory request of her wanting her and Breezy’s relationship to remain private. Check out her opinion below:

“Law and Order: SVU did not cross the line with this domestic violence episode. This is the reality for a lot of women in this world today. What is crossing the line are the men that take the lives of these women and justifying putting their hands on these women because of their own personal issues. Maybe the world we live in idolizes these celebrities so much we would like to put it away and forget about it. I’m glad Law and Order made this episode because Rihanna whether she wants the title or not is a role model for many and she does influence her fans. She has sent a dangerous message to her fans by going back to Chris. It is her decision to take Chris back but to treat such a sensitive situation like “whatever it’s my business” is insensitive on Rihanna’s part. She wants the fans and public to be there for her and support her financially when it’s to her benefit but she wants privacy when things of this nature occur. You can’t have it both ways Rihanna, you chose this lifestyle of an entertainer and all this comes with the territory.” -Liberian Girl

Did you watch the Chrianna-Inspired episode? What did you think? Chat with us in the comments below!

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