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I wasn’t interested in watching the”Law & Order: SVU” episode dedicated to a fabricated dramatization of the domestic violence incident that haunts Chris Brown and Rihanna, but duty (and sheer curiosity) called–so I regretfully tuned in. “The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event,” read the disclaimer that flashed across my flat screen. Entertain me with the fiction, but don’t insult my intelligence with that blatant lie!

NBC dived right into the crux of the storyline. Immediately I was thrown off by the character Caleb (Chris Brown), who appeared to have on more Mac makeup than me. I ignored his gaudy earring bling, Evan Ross-like demeanor and the fact that he clearly didn’t seem interested in women, to give the portrayal a chance. Meisha, the main character, shared similar traits to Rihanna–hazel eyes and light skin, the only thing she was missing was an accent and the short cut.

Watching became awkward when Caleb pushed Meisha during a studio session and contimued to assault her in a room full of witnesses–who all apparently did nothing. I couldn’t help but replace the actresses’ face with Rihanna’s and felt a sting where my heart usually beats. According to the police report, he choked and punched her after she head butt him by accident. Anyone familiar with domestic violence knows how uncomfortable it is to watch unfold before your eyes.

My disdain for the unabashed episode grew with every minute, but reached an all time high after they portrayed ‘Rihanna’ out to be a flip flopping weakling who doesn’t confide in her family because they’re moochers. Yes, she did take take Chris back after the awful beating but how many women have done so as well? Is she not as in love as they or is she on a pedastal because she is a celebrity? I found myself questioning NBC’s intentions. Were they trying to highlight the affects of domestic violence or trying to boost ratings?

I was absolutely perplexed by the story line that turned ‘Chris’ into a serial killer, ‘Rihanna’ into a brainwashed, insensitive and unstable battered woman…

Poorly written, cheesy, cliche and over the top, “Law & Order” may have lost more followers than it gained.

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