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The woman who created the ahem original Harlem Shake is 69-year-old Sandra Boyce. Since you’re currently on the internet, I would assume you’ve seen the latest viral dance craze–The Harlem Shake. Boyce had nothing to do with this new internet explosion, but she did inspire and help create the dance that started it all. Boyce says, “It’s way different. I give props to the young people, because if they can hype it up to another level, then let them go for it.”

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Boyce claims that she used to dance around the house and her son, Al B would take her moves and remix them at the Entertainer’s Basketball Classic at Rucker Park in Harlem beginning in the 80’s.

Check Out The Video Of How The Harlem Shake Started Here:

Many critics have been coming after the viral sensation, claiming it has nothing to do with Harlem or the original dance and steals from the culture of the original. Tamara Palmer of The Root says:

Popular culture is infamous for borrowing — and sometimes outright stealing — elements from a subculture and transforming them into something completely stripped of its origins. But it is still surprising to see how the current viral video craze called the Harlem Shake has managed to almost completely supplant a vibrant form of African-American dance that was born and bloomed in Harlem.

From a culture-filled dance that ignited an entire borough to a ridiculous craze that keeps growing, The Harlem Shake has its own diverse history. My only problem about the new Harlem Shake is that the name already belonged to THIS DANCE. If you want to create something new, give it a new name.

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