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Thanks to a survey in 2012 by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, it’s been proven that Black people use social media like Twitter and Instagram more than Whites and Latinos. This is such an interesting statistic and it led me to thinking–why are Black people all over Twitter and Instagram? I’ve got a few theories:

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1. Public Sh*t-Talking:

Black people have been playing “The Dozens” since before the internet was ever a thing. Twitter made the these “slam books” a popular, real-time sh*t-talking session. Often times, you can find various conversations that start with a subtweet and end with two users going back and forth until the other logs off.

2. Showboating:

This is a typical move for people of color who always have something to prove and want to show how much money they have, how many cool things they get to experience and how we’re not as great as they are because we don’t have enough 20’s to fan out and photograph specifically for Instagram.

3. Stalking Ex’s

Black people use Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the lives of their exes instead of physically driving past their ex’s house and/or showing up at their job, demanding to have a “talk.” Social media makes it easy to get your stalk on without getting caught, that is, unless you accidentally double tap a photo. Word to Karrueche.

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