“Shut Up And Drive”

Leigh Davenport- Editorial Director

There was this glorious time in my life way back in 2007 where I frequented the hottest night clubs in New York City dancing until the lights came on Sunday through Thursday. Many songs remind me of this glorious time in my life but Rih-Rih’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music” epitomizes the sentiment of my party girl ways. Please don’t ever let the party end!

I love the Michael Jackson sample in this song, the way it ushers in house and techno beats but still manages to have a soulful melody and a message every girl can rally on. When I hear this I still imagine me and my best girl friend spotting each other across the dance floor, jumping up and down and screaming, and dancing until we were out of breath. This was the beginning of mainstream pop-diva Rihanna and I love it!

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