Name something or someone as ubiquitous as Rihanna in 2012. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

This year we’ve had our fair share of Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty but I’m not the only one that will tell you, we loved every moment of it.

It’s not too hard to get swept up into the “Good Girl Gone Bad.” Her radical behavior, like the time she rolled marijuana on a man’s head at Coachella or the time she decorted her knuckles with the phrase “Thug Life,” is addictive. Her hazel eyes lore you in and her personality keeps you locked in!

Despite the beefs with Twitter fans, journalists and outlet “The Sun,” Rihanna accomplished some amazing feats this year, including snagging her first number one album with the release of “Unapologetic” and landing her 12th number one single with the infectious and inspiring anthem “Diamonds.’

It hasn’t all been glamorous though. Rihanna said goodbye to her Gran Gran Dolly, who passed on after a long battle with cancer, this year. But her rhetoric lives on via Rihanna, who challenged herself to be a “big girl” after the loss. During her interview with Oprah, on the OWN network, she said one of Gran Gran Dolly’s greatest pieces of advice was “Marry someone who loves me more than I love them, because a woman will always give and they’ll always give even more than they need to. We’re selfish beings, its maternal even with a husband it will be that way with them as well. They’ll only meet you half way…if they love you a little more.”

With a rekindled love and fan base that won’t let her stay down too long, she recovered with some bad a** ink and a more positive outlook on life.

Simply put, the 24-year-old can’t be stopped and doesn’t look like she will be slowing down anytime soon!


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