Danielle Young- Lifestyle Editor

From the moment I heard the beat drop in “Diamonds,” I knew it was a hit. I absolutely love the words, “Feel the warmth will never die, we’re like diamonds in the sky…” I’ve listened to Rihanna since “Pon’ De Replay,” but was never quite a fan until “Loud.” Her music, while catchy and fun, has matured into such a thrilling sound and this track is proof.

Every time the song comes on my iPod, instantly, I close my eyes, sway and mouth the words, channeling my inner Milli Vanilli. Even though Rihanna is imitating Sia’s vocals on the track, I find the sound simple and hypnotizing.

While its clearly an anthem, the lyrics are tragically alluring. It’s crazy how even in its tragedy, it inspires. “So, shine bright,” is such a potent reminder for me to be better, do better and want better everyday.

Watch Rihanna’s video to “Diamonds.”

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