Why Can’t Beyonce Have It All?

“Life Is But a Dream is many things, including too long… Here, after all, is a criticism one hears of Beyoncé qua pop star: that she is “flawless” in an empty, dutiful way. That beneath the warrior-queen ­performances and public togetherness, there lies a robot. Or, if not a robot, then something like the kid who’s been so pressured and trained to master a skill that he lacks any kind of feeling beyond his perfect technique—a well-schooled, imposing blank.” Vulture

Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream: TV Review

“Oh, Bey. Just to be sure everyone does obey and stick to the 100 percent sanctioned version, the subject puts herself in charge in Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream. Executive produced and co-directed by Beyonce Knowles, who also provides its sole perspective, this is less a documentary portrait than a micromanaged video diary exploring the R&B superstar’s relationship with her laptop. The HBO film will be candy to her fan base; just don’t expect startling insights into the woman behind the talent…There’s a lot of pseudo-inspirational stuff, some standard speechifying about female empowerment and thoughts on the stress of success, punctuated by occasional speculation on “God’s plan.” But the documentary walks a muddy path between self-mystification and self-adulation without actually saying much. And her music becomes almost an afterthought.” -Hollywood Reporter

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