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Valentines-day Valentines-dayI’ve never been more excited in my whole life, in less than 24 hours all the heart shaped candy and chocolates will be 50% off, and the long weekend will officially begin. I tried to make a big deal about Valentine’s Day I really did, I mean it is the first one in a while where I am in a relationship [healthy] and I’m also a relationship coach so that makes the hype even greater, but here we are and I don’t feel any more or less loved than I did yesterday.

Holidays are wonderful because we get a chance to stop and smell the roses; we may also get the day off from work but besides the pristine marketing tactics and gimmicks of business owners around the globe it’s really just another day to count your blessings.

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I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday and we could not figure out why love would change or maybe be exploited on just one day. What I feel is deeper than the lavish gifts and Instagram-ready showers of affection. I’ve been working at building a relationship with a man who shows he cares for me each and every day, the affection and love we show each other is real and consistent. Save the roses babe, let’s save for our future.

There is no love like the love you show others and yourself on a daily basis. Honoring and caring for your body through a workout at the gym, leaving a relationship that causes you pain, sending a note or calling to check up on a friend or elderly family member, or booking an appointment at the local spa. Self-care and compassion towards others, these are things you must strive to incorporate year round.

This world needs more love; we’re not basking in it enough. I receive letters from folks daily who just want that real love, that “just can’t get enough” love, so I know that it trumps money, power and all that other stuff we fuss about on the daily.

I challenge you to show and proof everyday not just today, in 2013 and beyond let everyday be Valentine’s Day. Put your heart out there consistently, not with the intention to get chose (we’ve discussed this) or approved, but with the intention to enhance the life of others as well as your own.

Tony Robbins said it best, “The purpose of a relationship is to enhance your life”

Do you believe this to be true? If so what would this look like?

What are your thoughts on or plans for Valentine’s Day?

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