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Idalias Salon owner and head-stylist Darlene Dorsett believes in the importance of healthy hair so much that she’s made it her salon’s motto. Great hair styles can often come at a high price, causing detrimental damage to your tresses. And while we can’t always avoid using heating tools or chemicals, limiting excessive use and adding hair treatments to your regimen can definitely help reduce the damage done to your locks. Check out a few of Darlene’s professional tips for healthier hair below!

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Styling Tip #1

Replace heating tools with pin curls.

Pin curls are an excellent way to preserve your style without using heat. Simply roll your hair around your finger, place and secure with a pin.

Styling Tip #2

Deep condition your hair at least once a month

Once a month request a reconstruct conditioning treatment from your stylist. This will help keep strands strong and shiny, repairing any damaged to overly-stressed hair. We recommend Nexxus Aloxxi Emergency Reconstructor ($17, amazon.com).

Styling Tip #3

Use a dry shampoo to revive limp hair

A dry shampoo can bring back your bounce back to your blow out in between salon visits by removing excess oils. Simply spray your hair and use a vent brush to style. We recommend using Nexxus Aloxxi Dry Shampoo ($11, amazon.com).

Styling Tip #4

Nourish color-treated hair

If you notice your hair color is starting to look dull or faded, request a clear gloss from your hair stylist to bring its color and shine back to life.

Styling Tip #5

Don’t be a slave to your weave

There nothing wrong with weaves or any style that covers up your natural hair, just don’t become dependent on them. Just like your body, your hair needs to breathe! Take breaks in between getting weaves to rest your natural hair.


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