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There was nothing anyone could tell me about Raqi Thunda. I had the “Love & Hip Hop” cast member down to a science. In my mind she was totally in love with Joe Budden and that “friendship” nonsense they were selling, I wasn’t buying it. Then Raqi appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and during the detailed interview, she revealed that VH1 didn’t air the full extent of Joe Budden’s rage during the infamous pool party altercation. I started to think, even if she wasn’t in love with Joey and was his friend, does a friend deserve to be treated in such an ill manner?

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I just so happened to bump into Raqi as I was exiting the Def Jam offices in NYC yesterday. Immediately I noticed how pretty she is. I mean the girl is gorgeous, reality TV does her no justice! I teeter tottered back and forth, if I should stop her for a quick Q+A, then my inner “L&HH” fan kicked in and I tapped Tahiry’s number one enemy on the shoulder. She agreed to speak with me but it was clear she’s still adjusting to her new found fame.

Check out what Raqi had to say about her beef with Tahiry, her love for Joe and her advice for his current girlfriend!

We get such a bad perception of you from the show…

When I watch myself, I hate me too. There’s a lot of editing that goes on. That pool party wasn’t the first time I saw Tahiry. We had been going through it for a while so I was on a hundred because I felt totally disrespected and degraded at that point. She’s able to brush things off. I’m not. I think also the truth is very apparent and a lot of people aren’t watching TV for the truth. People watch TV for fantasy. So I’m telling people I never slept with Joe, Joe is saying we never slept together and people are still like ‘she’s in love with him.’ I tell you I loved him dearly as a true friend. A friend who has emotional problems, drug issues, so I’ve kind of rode that wave for him. When you see someone deteriorate in front of your eyes, your love goes deeper. When you see someone deteriorate and you try to help them and your there at their worst times…I think that’s part of the reason Tahiry and I don’t get along. Joe has an addiction to things that are bad for him and that relationship was bad for him and bad for her, so I was in the middle of it trying to keep them both from spiraling. out of control. But people don’t see that.

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