Missed last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop?” We didn’t! Catch up, below:

Erica Mena vs Olivia & Yandy

Early in the episode, before Erica Mena got a chance to confront Olivia about her “disloyalty,” she exchanged indecent words with aspiring rapper L’ orel, the same chick who she agreed to do a record with last week. Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s probably the same thing Erica’s manager Rich Dollaz was thinking… Why would two unknown artists work together? But then again, I guess it wouldn’t really hurt either one of their careers. Anyway, before L’orel was kicked in the neck like Erica’s baby’s father, she had the most sense of the entire cast and washed her hands with her associate. I’m not a L’orel fan but I respect her for pulling herself out a ratchet situation.

Later on the show, Eric attended Yandy‘s get together where she felt it was the prime opportunity to address her feelings on Olivia’s behavior. What did Olivia do that was so earth shattering? She refused to do a song with Consequence that featured Erica Mena on it. Well to be frank I wouldn’t do a song with Erica Mena either. Especially when Rich is marketing her as mediocre, but that’s another story.

Sure Olivia doesn’t have one humble bone in her body and her attitude, simply put, stinks, but (and we hate to do it) agree with her. She doesn’t have to do a song with anyone she doesn’t want to do. And isn’t that the same problem Erica had with Rich in the club last week?

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Anyhoo, Erica saw Yandy’s soiree` as the perfect time to bring up what was bothering her and let’s just say, it got very real! Before Erica snapped, Yandy intervened, throwing herself into the fire in the process. Erica told her off too but nothing beats when she looked in Olivia’s face and said what we’ve all been dying to say, “You not going nowhere Liv, you not hot no more.” OUCH!

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