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When the DJ that’s interviewing you calls you a “professional side piece,” it’s obvious that nothing you say will be taken seriously. Maybe that’s what “Love & Hip Hop NYC” cast member, Raqi Thunda thought when she sat down with Hot97 to discuss the latest season of Vh1’s cash cow. Raqi was being reckless with her tongue as she provided the hosts with insider information about Joe Budden’s bedsheets, his drug problem and her being the reason he’s even on the show.

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Calling herself the “Hip-hop confidant,” Raqi lets is be known that she knows the ins and outs of the industry and has no problem calling anyone out, including the host, Ebro. Raqi goes on to tease about a rapper who wears a diaper, Joe Budden’s penis photos and even calls him her “gay bestie.”

Raqi Thunder: I didn’t get on the show by exposing the quote on quote ‘rappers…’

That you’ve had sex with…

RT: Right. Absolutely not. I kind of keep that in the cup until a major payday…just kidding. That’s not how I got on the show, but ironically, yes, every chick on the show has smashed a homie.

On fellow cast mates coming at her:

RT: Oh they definitely do get at me, I’m the top dog.

On having sex with Joe Budden while he was with Tahiri:

RT: One thing you’ll learn about me is that if you drop a real name on me, that thread count has to be up. Joe is sleeping on Target sheets. I’ve slept on those rough sheets several times. Hopefully, he’s upgraded by now.

On rumors that Joe Budden put his hands on her:

RT: We did have a very strong moment that will be on the show. I won’t say that, but we definitely had a moment. Joe has dated Tahiri for a very long time and he’s very protective of her. Things got a little spicy…

On Joe being “on something:”

RT: Joe’s always on something. The entire cast is on something. It depends on who you’re talking about. We stay saucy. You have to be saucy to do a reality show. Joe does have a problem. You can see that on the super trailer. He’s had several issues with drugs through his entire life. When we had that spicy moment, I’m sure he was popping mollys and sweating, woo!

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On Joe Budden being on the show because of her:

RT: During interviews with Mona Scott and the rest of the team, I made sure I spoke about Joe quite often because I did want him to be on the show as a part of my tag team, but you know, when a man has a certain attention whoring to himself, they’ll do anything for TV. Things took a left…

On Joe Budden’s friendship:

RT: He’s my best friend. I’ve had sit down conversations with him while he’s in the shower. I used to call him my gay bestie. That’s what I call him. Absolutely. He’s a fairy. He’s a dude I used to gossip with. It is what it is. I’ve called him that to his face. He likes to gossip and he’s an attention whore. We sip tea together.

On being Fabolous’ side piece:

RT: Where do you get this information from? I’m never a side piece. Let’s be clear. I’ve never been treated like one. I’m the top dog in everything that I do. Have I been with a guy who has a girlfriend? Absolutely. But I still get number one treatment. As long as I am fed well, I’m number one always, in life…period. Every woman, at some point or another has been a side piece.

Check out the full interview below:

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