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Some people may feel that Hiding in Hip Hop is old news. I disagree. As long as African American and Latina women are the largest group being infected with HIV and dying of the AIDS virus, down low brothers are still news. That’s why I will always give props and a mic to my boy Terrance Dean, an author and activist who stepped up to the plate to tell his story.

Many of us are angry, and put this misplaced anger on Terrance and men like him who are courageous enough to speak out. Many of us know more about our favorite TV stars than we know about the people we open our legs, bodies and souls to. Instead of “do you like this dress,” try asking your dude, “Have you been with men?” and “Have you been tested for STDs?”

I know that it’s embarrassing. And it’s hella uncomfortable. But let’s just assume it’s more comfortable than contracting an incurable disease. Word.

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PSA for Gay youth: Abiola & Terrance Dean

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