Did Beyonce lip sync her way through her performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” at President Obama‘s swearing in? Yes? No? Who cares! Beyonce can sing. We know that. Hell, we’ve always known that since she led Destiny’s Child into girl-group superstardom. So what’s the big damn deal with her lip-syncing at the Inauguration?

Beyonce posted a photo on Instagram the day before her swearing-in performance and she was in the studio, displaying sheet music for “The Star Spangled Banner.” Perhaps the pretty-close-to-perfect singer was laying down the track she used at the Inauguration?

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Let’s define lip-syncing, shall we? I know many of you remember Milli Vanilli. Obviously Beyonce has the talent those two chiseled men never had. However, according to Wikipedia, lip-syncing “is a technical term for matching lip movements with sung or spoken vocals. The term can refer to any of a number of different techniques and processes, in the context of live performances and recordings. In the case of live concert performances, lip-synching is a commonly used shortcut, but it can be considered controversial.”

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