When you first heard about rapper Shawty Lo’s reality show train wreck ‘All My Babies Mamas,‘ were you excited with the hopes of a new unscripted show fulfilling your ratchet quota of the week? Or were saddened by yet another stereotype gone way wrong? Honestly, I was little bit of both I don’t condone any of these reality shows that “expose” a mentality that can easily embarrass an entire culture.

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Sabrina Lamb is a media personality and financial educator who was sick of hearing about shows like Shawty Lo’s getting the green light and decided to take matters into her own hands. With the help of four black men and two black women–who make up the No-Oxygen Coalition and share her sentiments, Lamb managed to get a petition up, which in turn took Shawty Lo’s show down.

Shawty Lo, the sperm donor father of all 11 children isn’t just sitting back and letting it happen though. According to TMZ, he’s been getting offers from networks and says that, “I take pride in having been actively present in all my children’s lives — and I understand my family doesn’t represent the typical American family, but it’s my family and it works for us.”

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With that said, I just had to track down Sabrina and ask her how she felt about him trying to get the show on and why she loathes Shawty Lo’s ghetto reality so much. Check out chat out below.

HelloBeautiful: People label you a hater…are you?

Sabrina: I agree. I am a hater. I’m a hater of coonery. I’m a hater of accepting crumbs. I’m a hater of people who have accepted their own self-loathing. But the slave auction continues. I want our people to want more for themselves. Please want more for yourselves.

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