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Essence Atkins has flexed her comedic muscle on Wayans’ projects before, but none like this. The radiant star of Marlon Wayans’ latest spoof “A Haunted House” carries her own weight in a male-dominated cast and even learned a few things about the male race in the process. “A Haunted House” is in theaters today and we’ll get to see more of Essence’s and Marlon’s funny dynamic.

Read our exclusive interview about her fears, Beyonce’s GQ cover and if Marlon being a good or bad kisser:

HelloBeautiful: Tell me about your character in “A Haunted House”

Essence: Keisha Davis is in love with Marcus played by Marlon Wayans and the idea is, in the beginning of the movie, that we are moving in together and when you move in together with someone you love that’s usually when the real truth of the person comes out and all of that stuff happens in this movie except I have additional baggage that he wasn’t expecting.

HB: What was it like working with Marlon?

Essence: This isn’t the first time we’ve worked together. The first time was when Marlon and Shawn had a show called “Wayans Brothers” back in the 90s. That was the first time and I played Shawn’s love interest then we worked together on “Dance Flick” and once again Shawn was my love interest. So this is the first time I got to make out with Marlon.

HB: Is he a good kisser?

Essence: He is a good kisser. We did a lot of crazy things in this movie and people may look at it like ‘Oh I wouldn’t want him kissing me” but he’s a very good kisser. He’s hilarious. And what I love about working with him is how creative he is. He trusts the actors and trusts us to give it our all.

HB:  You mentioned moving in with your lover, in the film trailer there was a scene where you pass gas…

Essence: When you’re dating, you’re courting and putting your best foot forward and then when you live together you can’t help that the person discovers things about you that you wouldn’t necessarily volunteer.and that’s what this movie is really about. Yes, there are spoof elements in it and people know and love the Wayans for that but at the end of the day, it’s a love story. This is about how far you will go for love.

HB: What’s an embarrassing bedroom story you have?

Essence: It happened to me the other day. It’s so funny, I’ve been married now for three years.  I was in the kitchen cooking and my husband was in the office and I passed gas and it was really loud and he said ‘What was that?’ I was like ‘Babe I have gas,’ and he was like ‘That was really loud.’ Then I go ‘It stinks really bad so don’t come over here.” He just fell out laughing. He thought it was the most amusing thing.

HB: Working with so many men, what secrets did you learn?

Essence: You have to leave your daintiness at the door. It was no holds bar. I was like I had an invitation to the mens room. I got to see what really goes on. They talk about about everything that has to do with sports. Sports is the way they bond but they are so sensitive. They’re feelings get hurt so easily. They don’t ever demonstrate it so all-of-a-sudden, you’re dealing with this funky person and you’re like ‘what the hell?” Then you realize ‘Ohh, you’re feelings are hurt.’

HB: This is a funny movie but the premises still has to deal with fear. What are you afraid of?

Essence: On a serious note, I’m pretty fearless. I have vertigo a little bit, so heights are a little weird for me sometimes. But I’m pretty game on! We started this movie six weeks and one day after my son was born so after that I felt like I was a bada** and kind-of a superhero.

HB: Beyonce covers the February issue of GQ and it’s very sexy. As a mother, after you have a child, is there something in you that changes that makes you want to show off your body?

Essence: I can’t speak for her, but I will say, when you become a mother I think you really feel the full power of your femininity and what you are capable of. The body goes through such a transformation and you’re basically a host for this alien that’s living inside of you and then you go through the process of labor. It’s so traumatic and amazing and after you go through it you’re like ‘I am so fierce and fabulous’! You feel so empowered by it.

Watch “A Haunted House” trailer, below:

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