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Three physicians, Dr. Sam Klein, Dr. Moshe Shike and Dr. Stephen Solomon are the brilliant brains behind the AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System. This new contraption is “a breakthrough weight loss solution for people with obesity.”

In a nutshell, a thin silicone rubber tube is inserted into the stomach and connects the inside of the stomach to a “discreet, poker-chip sized skin-port on the outside of the abdomen.” After each meal, you empty, or “aspirate” some of the stomach contents by connecting a small hand-held device to the Skin-Port.

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Only a third of the contents is removed, so your body still maintains the needed calories to function. It’s recommended that those who use the AspireAssist drain after each major meal about three times a day. With time, as you adopt healthier eating habits, the frequency of aspirations can be reduced. Along with the “therapy,” there is a Lifestyle Modification Program that aims to address lifestyle choices through medical monitoring and offering support group meetings and other resources.

We all have our own physical hangups, things we wish we could change about our exterior in the instant flick of a switch or press of a button. For me, it’s my behind or lack thereof. I’ve always wanted a little more posterior plumpness, but due to my slim frame and terrifying fear of a surgical procedure to assist with my slack, it will probably remain a dream unrealized. For those who wish to shed massive pounds, however, the idea of a quick fix may be a bit more achievable. This newest weight loss thing allows you to get rid of undesired fat with the simple rotation of a valve and lift of a lever.

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Despite some of the anti-AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System perspectives, I can see some good in it. For those who are severely overweight, and therefore inhibited from physical exercise, this could be a viable option until they reach a weight that allows more physical movement.

It could also serve as a jump-start to a healthier lifestyle. Often for overweight people, losing pounds seems like an overwhelming task. A little initial assistance may be a good motivator and make the goal seem more realistic. Additionally, it doesn’t require extensive surgery. The thought of gastric bypass and all the possibilities of what could go wrong scare a lot of people away from the surgery. This is a more affordable and potentially safer procedure with immediate recovery time.

On the contrary, I do wonder if this new system will enable irresponsible health behaviors, versus encouraging a real lifestyle change. If people are accustomed to eating what they want knowing they can just dump it right after, they may be less likely to adopt better eating and workout habits—especially if the accompanying Lifestyle Modification Program doesn’t monitor as it should.

The Independent also exposed another concern. The “do it yourself” machine seems to have a hard time breaking down larger foods, as “one patient reported ‘clogging’ and had to avoid eating cauliflower, snow peas, pretzels, chips and steak.”

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The product has not yet been approved for sale in the United States and is limited to investigation uses. Based on our Western culture and its obsession to be thin, I could see it becoming an option at your doctor’s office in the near future. I would hope though that regulations were established so that the new innovation was made available only to patients who are immobile or unable to engage in strenuous workouts due to risk factors. Once they lost enough weight to exercise independently, the device should be returned to the physician. This way, its convenience won’t be abused.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts! Have weight loss measures gone too far? Is it something that you would try? Share your thoughts with your fellow beauties!

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