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When working women gather, an angel get its wings. Seriously. There’s something so divine about working women on every level from intern to CEO getting together to discuss challenges and triumphs in their respective industries. The lessons derived from a conversation so poignant are lifelong.

#TeamBeautiful recently celebrated our Second Annual Women In The Workplace event with appropriate fanfare. We invited women from all walks of life–fashion, entertainment, law, education, publishing, public relations and more, from all levels to chat about what it means to “Embrace Your Woman Power–” which was the theme of the night.

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The result was an evening of enlightenment from the panelists and the attendeees alike. In the heart of New York City’s infamous Times Square, Vice President of Integrated Marketing of One Solution, Peggy Bryd and the Senior Vice President Of Global Sales at Donna Karan, Felita Harris acted as panelist and led the discussion along with the Managing Director of Talent Recruitment and Strategy for Teach For America, Jovian Zayne–who moderated the entire conversation effortlessly.

When #TeamBeautiful’s Editorial Director, Leigh Davenport opened up the conversation with “freezing your eggs,” it was obvious we were in for a candid conversation catered specifically to women who value their careers. With opinions everywhere from I’ve thought about it, to I’ve done it; the women in attendance began to open up about their fears of never having children because of their careers and/or their lack of dating because of their careers. Brutal honesty was the same of the game.

With Jovian’s strong lead, the conversation carried on to “millenials” feeling a sense of entitlement in the workplace to love’s role in a working woman’s life. Guests shared their frustrations with being in their 30’s with graduate degrees and losing jobs to younger candidates, fresh out of college. And those girls 24 and below in attendance attempted to defend themselves as young and ambitious, but the conversation never turned catty, which was refreshing. We didn’t all see eye-to-eye, but the opposing views offered each side the opportunity to expand their thoughts on the other.

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Even the panelists received inspiration from the guests. As the conversation teetered on the delicate topic of love, Felita Harris told a young woman who explained that she loves her man and will never “leave him behind,” thank you. A simple act of gratitude from the woman asked to attend the Women In The Workplace to inspire us, ended up inspired by the undying love of a guest.

If we could sum up the event in five simple words it would be: Powerful, Humbling, Honest, Necessary and Lingering. If you didn’t get a chance to join us, please mark your calendars for next year’s event and make the necessary arrangements to be there in 2013, or be square.

PS–The food was out of this world! A special thanks To Chef Marsh!

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