Dawn Richard lives in a land “where queens are knights.” She’s been welcoming us into that very world with her through her outside-of-the-box music. With the recent release of her WhiteouEP, Dawn’s teasing us.

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Only a small taste of what she has to offer to the music industry post Danity Kane, we’re already craving more! And in typical Dawn fashion, she will deliver. The new full length album, Goldenheart is set to be released on January 15th and has gone on presale today!

Check Out Dawn Richard With #TeamBeautiful’s 2 Chicks Below:

Ok, business aside; now it’s time for pleasure! #TeamBeautiful’s favorite duo, 2 Chicks, sat down with Dawn to play a little game called “Marry, Smash or Friend.” We take some of the hottest celeb men in groups of three and you have to label what you would do with each–marry, smash or friend. Get it? Watch the video and see who Dawn would “smash the hell out of.”

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More Dawn Richard Below:

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