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Sadly, we’ve come to the end of this season of “Basketball Wives: LA” but luckily for us, they are leaving us with one last hoorah of drama!

Check out the reunion recap inside:

Who’s Not The Show?

While the ladies sat on the stage of the reunion special and wasted no time arguing and bickering, the question of “who is the show?” was posed. While Draya said that she made the show, Malaysia (who by the way looked FIERCE) seemed to think that since she was the only actual “Basketball Wife” that SHE was the show, and of course Jackie thought that she was the show. But Gloria shut all of that down when she said, “Let’s not get it twisted, I’m the reason there’s a spinoff. In real life, Gloria came to L.A. — with my sister — and we started Basketball Wives L.A,” and I have to admit, that Gloria DOES have a point.

Laura vs. Jackie

The Laura and Jackie “fake friendship” that we’ve witnessed all season long has finally come to a close as Jackie and Laura came to blows right in front of our eyes on the reunion stage. Although Jackie did apologize for her malicious ways last season, Laura wasn’t having it. She told the audience that at the time, she was very evil and wanted to get back at Jackie for everything that happened last season. Jackie snapped back calling Laura jealous which then turned into an argument over who was older and then whose body was real or fake. Jackie proved that her body was real when she bared all for us to see. Thanks for clearing that up, Jackie. Check out the clip below:

Draya Apologizes To Brooke

Finally, the apology Brooke’s been waiting for. Draya admitted that she could have handled the King Magazine shoot a little differently, and apologized to Brooke for not being a better friend. She also said that she spoke down on Brooke’s King Magazine accomplishment because she was angry at the editor and not angry with Brooke. She told the audience that the editor should not have mentioned her name during his phone call to Brooke but at the same time and that she still has a lot of growing up to do but wanted Brooke to know that she was sorry. Although I don’t think that Draya needed to apologize to Brooke, I think that it was good that she took the high road in an attempt to save their failing friendship. Check out the clip below:

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Bambi, Why Are You Here?

After an silly rap battle between Bambi and Jackie, the question was brought up about why Bambi was even on the reality show in the first place which is something that I’ve been wanting to know all season long. Sure, she was Malaysia’s friend and proudly repped Compton (which apparently is a big deal), but let’s be clear, she is no basketball wife, doesn’t date one or have children by one which would allude to the fact that Malaysia’s friendship is Bambi’s only saving grace on the show. Sigh. Further more, since Gloria deemed herself the reason for the existence of “Basketball Wives: LA”, Gloria was the most confused about Bambi’s relevance on the show especially after their epic fight on the last episode. Bambi attempted to explain to the crowd that Gloria was extremely fake, loose and very boring and that she had no purpose on the show which would explain why she wasn’t featured on the season as much. Bambi wanted Gloria to own the fact that she slept with a lot of guys and that she was boring, but Gloria didn’t seem to care about anything that Bambi was saying because she was married now and according to her, that was all that mattered.

What did you think about the finale?

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